Diamond Gun & PawnDiamond Gun & Pawn

Bill and Christy Davis - Owners
1202 North Washington
Murfreesboro, AR 71958

At the intersection of ARK 27 and ARK 19 North, Diamond Gun & Pawn is filled with fishing and hunting supplies in addition to the usual odds and ends.

Not only does Bill carry loads of hunting and fishing gear, but you HAVE to check out his great collection of antique and unusual riles and firearms and interesting artifacts! The place may as well be a museum!

Fishing SuppliesFolks heading to Lake Greeson for the bass and striper fishing will find a substantial collection of soft baits and lures from Zoom, Lake Fork, Norman, Storm, Excalibur, Rapala, Bandit and Bomber and other terminal tackle. You can also find lures, flies, jigs and PowerBait if you're planning to do some trout fishing on the Little Missouri River.

Hunting SuppliesDiamond Gun & Pawn also has a full compliment of hunting supplies from skin camo to fletchings. They carry new and used rifles, shotguns, muzzle loaders and pistols and you can pick through the Seko, Remington, Ruger, Glock, Marlin and Mossberg's!Knives

Plenty of ammunition for all kinds of guns including powder and even Buffalo Bullet Co. Rifle Round Balls on top of the usual Winchester and Federal. You can find a scope from Tasco or Swift to boot! Bow hunting enthusiasts will find Bear bows, arrows, strings and other archery accessories.

ArtifactsYou may want to check out the selection of very nice, functional knives from Kershaw, Case and Uncle Henry. And if you're interested in artifacts, they have a substantial display of Native American arrow and spear heads from Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Diamond Gun & Pawn - 870-285-2181


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