Early Hawkins Store @1909Hawkins General Store

#51 Courthouse Square
PO Box 752
Murfreesboro, AR 71958

The old Owens-Stelle Building was erected about 1909 during the "Murfreesboro Diamond Rush". Initially built as a doctor's office and pharmacy it has housed Hawkins General Store since 1943 when Millard and Florence Hawkins first opened! When their son, Buel, came home from the Army in 1946 he took over the operation. Buel and his wife, Sarah, ran the store until 1999 when hometown boy, Dewayne Gray, purchased the store.

The original wood floors and classic tin ceiling squares have seen a lot of business pass through the doors. Present Day Hawkins StoreIt is one of the places where you can find the locals. In some respects, not much has changed around the store in more than half a century. People gather and get a word or two in here. Mrs. Wylie even has her own chair! It's just a nice place to "pass a little time" either inside with the folks or sitting out front on the old wooden bench.

"I have turned the store back into two stores. Hawkins is back in its original building on the corner and the second building is Southern Specialties." - Dewayne Gray

Inside Hawkins you will return to the days of the true General Store! Supplies for fishing and camping, office and school, diamond hunting and even the baby!Shopping in Hawkins Store Toys, phone and TV Hardware, Aladdin Oil Lamps, snacks, used books, film and tapes, health and body care products, housewares and fabrics and notions. You might be surprised what you'll find squirreled away on the shelves. Even things you haven't seen in years or even forgot they existed!

Just like the store motto says: We have almost everything - if you help us find it!"

Hawkins Variety Store 870-285-3371


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