Miner's Rock Shop & Campgrounds near the Crater of Diamonds

Miner's Rock Shop and Campgrounds

2235 Highway 301 South
Murfreesboro, AR 71958

Owner: Joyce Goodin

A true 'Diamond in the Rough'! Before and after.Most people have no idea what a "rough" diamond actually looks like. Well, look to the left and see for yourself, the before and after shot! Probably not what you thought, eh?

While the Crater of Diamonds is the place to "hunt your own", Joyce Goodin has accumulated one of the most extraordinary collections of gems, precious and semi-precious, rough diamonds and custom jewelry in the region! Not to mention local dinosaur bones, museum quality stones and items, and provide campsites and cabins for rock hounds as well!

Spectacular Australian Opals!Of the more unusual items you will find an impressive collection of Australain Opals! We only wish the pictures could capture the true irridescence these beauties exhibit!

They are set in 14 carat gold filled wire and range from 10.5 carat upwards!

Rare Fire Agate!You'll also be impressed with the extremely rare Fire Agate. You have more of a chance of finding a diamond in the Crater than you would picking up some Fire Agate off the ground! It is found only in Arizona and Mexico, and of course here at Miner's Rock Shop! An amazing stone to see by itself, even better in some of the interesting settings available.

Hadrasaour bones on display! Joyce also has on display, the various foot bones of a "duck-billed" Hadrasaour, the second land roving dinosaur to be found in Arkansas!

The huge bones were found just 30 miles south of Murfreesboro. What you think is a vertabra at first glance is actually one of the metatarsal bones of the foot! Be sure to ask all about them!

For the campers, diamond hunters and rock hounds, Miner's provides full RV hook-ups, cabins and tent sites! Contact Joyce Goodin at 870-285-2722 for all the information, rates and availability.


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