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Best Plant Food for Marijuana

Best Plant Food for Marijuana

Every grower wants one thing from his or her marijuana plants, which is quality products and a large harvest. You cannot achieve this unless you promote the growth of your crops and the best way to do this is by feeding your crops with topping plants that enhance growth and promote quality and good harvests. Giving your plants the best nutrients is the key for every cycle of growth. Every stage of the marijuana growth requires the right nutrients for healthy budding and flowering. You have to get the right ratios of the nutrients depending on your growing system. The ratios vary for POTTING SOIL planting, HYDROPONICALLY GROWING and typical soil growing among many others.

Other things to consider are the LIGHTING SYSTEM, the crop strain, and companion plants that enhance the soil growth in your indoor or outdoor gardening. Companion plants are an inexpensive organic way to improve the quality of your marijuana plants and reduce pest damage. below are some of the best plant nutrients to give your marijuana crops the kick they need for enhanced growth throughout every stage of their growth and with these, you can expect a bounty harvest of high quality cannabis.

Our best pick of plant nutrients for marijuana

General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer Set

General Hydroponics Flora Grow

For effective growth, marijuana needs nutrients and the effective set of FLORAGRO, FLORABLOOM AND FLORAMICRO is one of the best solutions. The micro combo fertilizer set stimulates the plants vegetative and structural growth by building stronger roots. The fertilizer also stimulates the fruit and flower development of the crop by enhancing the marijuana flavour, aroma and essential oils. It provides the crop with nutrients containing high levels of Potassium, Phosphorous, Sulphur and Magnesium that marijuana need for effective growth. In addition, the fertiliser also provides Calcium, Nitrogen and all other necessary trace elements to complete the foundation of the building block system.

The flora series is one of a kind and its original building block system contains all the primary, secondary and micronutrients for better crop quality and enhanced yields. It also offers growers the opportunity to adjust the mixtures to suit their marijuana needs. The highly rich fertiliser contains concentrates that are highly purified for maximum solubility in both soil cultivated plants and hydroponics. For ease of use, the fertiliser is pH balanced, has a superior formulation and is very reliable. It is also the choice food system for NASA and Antarctic research scientists, which should give you even more reason to trust its abilities to give your marijuana the nutrients they deserve.

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Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient Trio Soil Formula

Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient

When it comes to getting the best food for marijuana crops, FoxFarm will never let you down. For years, the company has been at the forefront in providing farmers with everything they need for the effective growth of their crops. Sometimes it is cumbersome buying food and nutrients for the crops in bits and pieces and that is why FoxFarm comes to your aid with a three pack of your favourite liquid fertilisers all in one take. The three, Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom are for all the stages of the marijuana growth cycle.

Used in sequence the three help to bring out the crops luscious flowers and brilliant blooms all throughout the growth cycle. Starting with Grow Big for green growth abundance, follow this up with Tiger Bloom at the first sight of marijuana budding and expect excellent results. Throughout the whole growth cycle, use Big Bloom for stronger healthy roots and root healing, and use it to increase nutrients throughout the cycle. The three pack liquid fertiliser is ideal for late season and mature fruit and flowers of the crop. Therefore, if you are in the market looking for the right food for your weed to cater for all growth stages, you do not have to look far because you can get it all together and enjoy lush, vegetative and compact growth of your cannabis.

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Element Flower Fuel

Flower Fuel Best Bloom Booster

For hydroponic marijuana growers, you can trust flower fuel to give your crops the boost they need for quality growth. Element Nutrients provides this nutrient rich bloom fertiliser to use as the weeds favourite base flower nutrient. Formulated from the highest quality ingredients, the food fertiliser gives you the most flavourful and largest crops you could ever wish for in cannabis. Crops grow faster on this nutrient rich fertiliser than they would on many other food fertilisers. This is because the fertiliser also contains Chelating Agents, Hormones and Vitamins along with forms of Phosphorous and Potassium that help with bigger crops and better yields.

Flower Fuel is excellent for both professional and no professional marijuana farmers, it is easy to use and with every jar of flower fuel, there are over 30 proprietary ingredients. Among the ingredients are Amino Acids, Vitamins, Hormones and Essential Organic Components. The fertiliser is 100% hydroponic grade and can treat 200 gallons of water effectively. If you are looking for a harvest of marijuana that has better colour and more resin, then you do not have to look much further because this wonderful combo gives your crops all they need.

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Wrapping it up

Whatever system you are using for your marijuana planting, we hope you pick the right nutrients for all its growing needs. Remember that for every stage of your marijuana growth cycle, the plants need the nutrients for budding and flowering in order to get quality product and high yields.

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