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How Long Do Vape Coils Last | How To make Them Last Longer

How Long Do Vape Coils Last

Many people from all over the world are taking up Vaping as one of the best ways to enjoy their weed. Not every Vaper though knows all the rules that come with vaping and therefore go on with their daily habits without finding out the role of the vape coils. This makes them Vape for months without changing their vape coils because they do not have any idea of when they should change them.

Vaping for longer than expected changes the taste of the e-liquid and it may no longer give you the same high it did when the coil was new. It is important to know everything about Vape Coils and the right time to change them is so that you can continue enjoying the high.

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What is a vape coil?

Before we look at how long a vape coil should last, it is important to understand what a vape coil is first. Vape uses e-liquid and a coil is the device that makes mist out of this liquid. A wicking material feeds the coil with e-liquid for vapor creation. Vape coils come in different types. The most popular types are Coil Heads, RBAs, RTAs, and RDAs.

Types of vape coils

Coil heads

Coil heads

Coil heads are some of the most popular in the market especially for vapers that do not want to make their own DIY coils. They use specific tanks, which makes them the most expensive in the market. They have a shorter lifespan than other vape coils and they need changing at least once a week failure to which you will not enjoy the taste of your e-liquid, if you change your e-liquid flavors, you also need to change the wicks with every flavor. Occasionally changing wicks with every flavor is another factor that makes them expensive.



Also known as, Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, these coils allow vapers to hold more vape juice in their devices depending on the size of the tank system. They are great to use but they come with some disdvantages such as leakages and dry hits, to avoid this, you must ensure that wicking is top notch.



Rebuildable Atomizers are also a popular choice of coils for DIY coil building. The coils use a specific kind of tank and you can re-wick the as often as you deem necessary. They also have more space, which allows you to maneuver your coil building skills.



Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers are the best to use if you want to get the best flavor from your choice e-liquid. They however require more expertise in building and may cause some problems if you do not have the art of building them properly. The coils need re-dripping occasionally after every few inhales.

Signs that tell you a coil need changing

New time vapers may not know this but there are signs to look out for that tell you it is time to change the coils. The signs mostly centre on the changes in the taste of the e-liquid. After a few days or weeks of vaping, the taste of e-liquid has a burnt like taste. This is the first sign that the coil needs changing as it is burnt out.

A different taste from the one you are used to,  is also another indication that your coil is no longer working as well as it should. Another telltale sign is a leakage that may occur due to the wearing out of the coil. A leakage could lead to a gurgling sound after inhaling the vapour.

How often you should change your vape coils

The length it actually takes to keep your vape coils depends mostly on how often you vape. The more you vape, the faster your vape coils wear out and the sooner you should change them. For frequent users, the best period to keep the vape coils should be at least a week.

You should switch your vape coils at least once every week in order to enjoy the taste of the Vape Juice. If you are a light vaper, you do not have to change your coil weekly. You can use it for a fortnight or even for a month depending on how light your vaping is.

Another factor that determines the length it takes to change a vape coil is the size of the coil. Small pod system coils last only a few days while ceramic coils last longer.

How to improve the life of your vape coils

Another way to extend the life of your vape coils is by taking care of them. This not only gives you a clean taste from the vape juice but it also saves you money in the end. Keep your coils and Vape Pens clean at all times ensuring that you rinse them thoroughly with hot water before drying them.

Scrub out any hard deposits of residue by using a clean cloth. You can also get rid of the residue by drying them over a fire. It is also important to use the correct type of e-liquids because low quality juice may burn the coils faster than expected.

Wrapping it up

It is very easy to make your vape coils last longer than a week only if you take good care of them. If you cannot manage the weekly cleaning process, the make sure you change them as often as you can in order to enjoy the vape juice.

The best way to monitor the replacement period is to make a note on the calendar every time you replace your vape coil. Also using only quality vape coils helps to prolong the time it takes to change them.

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