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How Long Does It Take To Grow Marijuana?

How Long Does It Take To Grow Marijuana

How long it takes to grow marijuana is one question many growers ask especially those growing the crop for the first time. Though it may look like a straight forward question that has a ready answer, it is not. This is because the length it takes to grow marijuana depends on a variety of factors and the strain of the marijuana plant. The mode of growth also determines how long it will take to grow your weed from seedlings to harvest. The life cycle of the growth starts from germination, to growth stage and finally to the flowering stage before you get to the harvesting phase.

Each if these phases is important if you want to achieve quality product and optimum development and this may take anything from three to four months on average but there are other marijuana planting methods and tools that can have you harvesting the crop in about eight weeks. One of the best and fastest methods of growing cannabis is indoors as it takes lesser time than growing it outdoors.  In this article, we will try to guide you through the marijuana growth timeline for indoor grow tent and grow room growers in order to answer the question; HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GROW MARIJUANA?

Marijuana Growth Timeline

To get the final product from your marijuana crop, it has to go through seven phases.

Readying you equipment for planting

Getting your equipment ready for the seedlings may take anything between one to two weeks. however if you are a seasoned grower, then you know what exactly you need and this period could be shorter for you, new time growers may however take up to two weeks to prepare everything. preparation means setting up the grow rooms, determining what methods you are using such as HYDROPONIC GROWING, POTTING SOIL or DWC system and other mediums such as LED GROW LIGHTSREFLECTIVE MATERIALS and much more.

Seed or clone collection

For people that stay in states that legalise marijuana cultivation, then this stage will be too easy for them as they can get clones from healthy cannabis mother plants easily. Those that stay in states that do not legalise cannabis cultivation may have a harder time getting clones but the good thing is that they can get the seed online. Delivery of the seeds takes anything from two to four weeks.

Seed germination

The average time it takes to germinate the seeds is anything from two to three days but if you have clones, then this stage is not necessary.


Seedling stage that takes anything form one week to four weeks but only if you using sees instead of clones. If you are using clones, then this stage is again unnecessary.

Growth and vegetative stage

This is one of the most important stages and it determines the length the crop will take to mature depending on how you handle it. You hold all the power in this stage and the slightest mistake can lead to low quality yield or none at all. During this stage, you have to make sure that the plants get enough light, enough nutrients, enough water and enough oxygen.

In this phase, you can force the plants to grow much faster by giving them more light hours or allow them to move to the nest stage gradually by giving them 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Though giving the crops more light hours in order to hasten their vegetative stage allows to start another cycle of growth sooner than later, you may end up with smaller plants that will not give you much yield. Marijuana buds take two to three weeks to form buds if you started with seeds. For optimum yield, the recommendation would be 18 hours of light for at least three weeks.

The flowering period

Flowering of the crop takes anything from six weeks to three months depending on the strain. Marijuana starts to flower when the light hours reduce. For this phase, you can therefore give your plants twelve hours of uninterrupted lighting and another twelve of uninterrupted darkness. During this stage, you also increase NUTRIENTS with higher levels of Potassium and Phosphorous and reduce Nitrogen. In about seven to ten days in this stage, the cannabis revel their sex, which is two white hairs sprouting of the nodes being female and the rest being male. Some marijuana strains can take up to sixteen weeks in this stage.


Harvesting of the crop depends on how much you have in your grow room but this should take anything between one day and three days.

Wrapping it

Now you know how long it will take your marijuana to go through all the steps before you finally harvest the crop. Every single step is important and how you handle every one of them will determine the quality of the final product. Whichever method you use to grow your crop, you must follow all the procedures. We hope with this, if you are a new marijuana farmer, you are set to do great.

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