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How to Fix Root Rot Hydroponics

How to Fix Root Rot Hydroponics

Growing MARIJUANA today especially weed without the need for soil, is rising every day. Hydroponic weed growing has many variations but the main thing is that plants can grow well and healthy by feeding on just water and nutrients. In hydroponics, the plants grow in a perfectly adjusted healthy medium that delivers all the needs of the crops.

If your crops receive the right kind of nutrients, have enough air, a soluble clean and healthy solution and the right pH levels, then there is no reason they should not grow well. Hydroponically grown crops actually grow faster and better than crops growing in traditional soil. This is because they access everything easily and directly. Crops growing in soil on the other hand have to dig deeper in order to search for nutrients. However, one problem that many hydroponic growers contend with is root rot.

What Is Root Rot?

Even though hydroponics is the process of growing crops kin a water solution, sometimes the roots become oversaturated with the water and start to rot. This overexposure becomes a ready medium for the growth of microorganisms, bacteria, and fungi that eat at the roots and spoiling them. The signs of root rot are leaves turning yellow and wilting. Another sign of root rot is the leaves curling at the ends the roots turning black and mushy.

If left in this state the roots and leaves fall off at even the simplest touch. The rot happens due the unavailability of air and too much water, which leads to overheating. Microorganisms, fungi and bacterial love warm moist places and they therefore grow easily in such a situation. When some farmers notice this happening, the first instinct is to move the young roots to another location but this may not the best solution. Moving them in this state or opting to clean the reservoir may actually make some of the leave die on the process. Below are ways on HOW TO STOP ROOT ROT.

How to Fix Root Rot

Instead of moving the delicate roots to another reservoir, there are other methods of saving them from root rot. Below are ways to fix the rot.

Control the flow of water by using the hydroponic bucket system

The first thing you should do is to make sure that there is no excess water in the RESERVOIR. Always have the required amount of water because anything more than what is needed will lead to root rot. One of the best items to use in order to endure that you always have the right amount of water is one that allows you to control the flow of water such as the hydroponic bucket system.

Change the water regularly

If you are not using a control system for the growth of your weed crops, always ensure that you change the water in the reservoir regularly to keep it clean and free from any contamination.

Keep the reservoir cool and the light out

Make sure your reservoir stays cool at all times to prevent the growth of microorganisms, fungi and bacterial from destroying the roots. Allowing light to leak into the roots may lead to the appearance of root attacking organisms. Your DWC reservoirs should therefore be pitch black to avoid this from happening. some of the things you can use to achieve this are darker and thicker materials that will allow no light from penetrating into the reservoir, use of REFLECTIVE COLOURS, checking for light leaks, using light prove tubing and opaque tape to cover the leaks.

Disinfect the container

Again, to keep the root eating bacteria fungi and microorganisms away from your container, disinfect it with alcohol or with any other allowed disinfectant. Doing this will stop the transfer of germs to your weed.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning of the reservoir helps to get rid of dead [arts of your crops.

Keep the oxygen levels high

Your plants need clean oxygen always otherwise when there is no aeration, the roots will start to root. You can keep the levels high by using an air stone or an air pump. With more oxygen in the reservoir, the water will form bubbles, which will mean that there is enough aeration in the water.

Do not disturb the weed

Disturbing your weed especially during the early growth stages when the crop is establishing itself may lead to problems because the roots are still too young to have a protective colony of good bacteria around them. Good bacterial helps with the growth of a biofilm around the roots that protects them from any attacking pathogens. Avoid interrupting them at this stage by changing the water in the reservoir because this can throw them off balance making the roots start the growth process all over again. In the process of starting a fresh, the roots might start to rot.


The above are some of the most useful ways to make sure that your weed grows strong and healthy. Roots hold the plants and they are the providers of nutrients and oxygen. If you do not keep them clean, sterile and free from pathogens, you will harvest minimal yields. Always be on the lookout for the tell-tale signs and correct the problem before it escalates.

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